Release of Liability


MyBreederService is a service that provides local breeders with assistance in their breeding needs. All clients will be required to sign a release of liability form before assistance and consultations will be initiated. We will perform our consultation and services under the guidelines of the liability form.  You accept and understand that known, unknown and unpredictable  complications could happened in the breeding process. We are not responsible for any permanent damage or death during our assistance. The hiring party / breeder understands that they made the decision to hire MyBreederService and by doing so accepts the responsibility for the decisions and actions requested.


We are not liable for your actions taken after the consultation. Every circumstance is different and there  may be multiple solutions to each problem. We simply give our advice based on experience and our knowledge of past experiences. It is at your discretion wether you take our advice or not. We encourage that you get multiple opinions or see a Vet to assure you make the correct decision.

-Public Release-

You understand that MyBreederService is not a Veterinarian and does not claim to provide the same licensed  services required by law as a Veterinarian. We advise our clients  to see a licensed Veterinarian for any major health concerns and day to day health care needs for their pets. We do not provide prescription drugs,  c-sections or operations of any kind, please seek a Veterinarian for complicated health needs. As a client of MyBreederService you understand that we are assisting you in your breeding business needs.  With the understanding that you are responsible for your decisions and with your request and consent, we will  preform the services you request acknowledging you are responsible for all liability.